Don’t grow up, it’s a trap!

The older we get, the more responsibilities seem to get in the way of our fun — it doesn’t have to be this way! Tired of looking back to "the good old days”, we set out to create an environment to remind us that life should be fun at any age. We knew we wanted to create a space that is reminiscent of Recess. After all, it was our favorite thing at school (lunch was a close second). It’s a getaway from daily responsibilities and a time to meet with friends.

Here at Recess, we serve treats that encourage creativity. We create and provide core ice flavors (made in-house) and ingredients so that you can make something to your liking or try some of our team's favorites. Our combinations are inspired by nostalgic treats from our childhood. Let’s take it back to a time when life was simple and the most important decision you had to make was what you wanted for dessert.

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